Tuesday, 27 July 2010

To win a copy on 12" Vinyl, never played/used 1994 orignal, It's in perfect condition just like it came out the shop yesterday.

All you need to do is write a rap that Nas would be proud of. It doesnt have to be about anything in particular, just make it good.

The competition will be run untill september 14th 2010 to coincide with Nas birthday, I will e-mail Nas himself a copy of the winning entry via his Twitter page.

The winner will be sent the Album in the post, this Competition will be run worldwide, so no matter where your from we want to hear your rap.

Just click on "Comment" below this post and write your Rap in there. The entries will be checked daily.


  1. I strike back when you attack with a lyricall rap that will shut your trap, it's no mishap that your raps are wack

  2. I stay bhuddah/slept is past so Im dealing with the future/awakened by thoughts/sords is my lines making me brutal/my steelo,sess puffing/bluffing einsteins/time flies bt still cracks keep me wide eyed/mind high,I spit 15 bars sonnet of crime , free niggas frm pen/neva stop red on lights/on mics, I stay green like amstel/my arms still/moved by beats/ Imma take yall bck to the grill

  3. Even the nicest lyricist is faced with the chance of being dropped/ his or her mission is, makin' it to the top/

    Sure they put you on... like 30 day tags/
    if you get low sales, then you treated like a pair of rags/

    Now you seeing things from the inside, out clear/
    contract only means control, in black & white it's right there/

    You've contracted something that you might can't get rid/
    like hip-hop herpes, and this hurts me, handle ya biz/

    Now you lay lifeless, like a limp sack of bones/
    before you were happily married, to mic a phones/

    I guess you were OVERworked and UNDER-paid too many dues/
    waiting for Huey Lewis, to bring the news/

    Got caught wit ya pants down, now they see how small you really are/
    but they looking from afar/

    They don't know ya value, and how to promote positive/
    could have made a change, with what you had to give/

    You can best the best lyricist and don't prosper or you can the worst emcee and make it to the top....It Don't Matter, It Don't Matter,It Don't Matter,It Don't Matter....-Sunny Tuff

  4. The team to be the largest give all I can give/ For my dogs catch ten charges for harboring a fugitive/ For my big dogs told me how to live by the code so now we do it big/ Got jewels of own that I can give/ Learn from mistakes till the pieces back in place, we coming by the crib/ Popping bottles is nothing, when God can’t forgive what we did/ Now I’m feeling like the Kid with this Purple Rain, while all my dogs did a bid when the purple came/ Fam like get another gig while I'm feeling like Dame/ Looking for Hov or Puff looking for Big, till I stack enough round the world twice mo' ice mo' nice how I live/ From a lil Black Zombie kid, to a King now so crown me before they down me just like Caesar did....

  5. The pursuit to do good never changed the man in my boots/soulfood/strengthening the youth/straight from their roots/
    name this my anthem/pictured as my emblem/living life relentless/never standing defenceless/
    objective/subjective to intelligence negligence/
    like the Holocaust, attacking wisdom impediments/
    the past reflecting/how this our kids be affecting/where life and death be intersecting/
    thats's where i'll be standing, correcting/
    draining all the evil that's been injected/
    from a clearer perspective/a change for better perfected/
    peer pressure built a house on a foundation of rejection/lesson/give the lost generation some affection/guessin stretching the thought abroad/
    at all cost/emphasising battles won instead of battles lost/
    adolescence is the essence/where they start to feel lost presence/like a map to a treasure/
    here they start handling pressure/
    a difficult phase/relates a turned over page/ so i took this phase out of a cage/and put it on stage/so error becomes visible/strengthening our visual/strengthening our spiritual/we stop feeling miserable/
    they say persistence overpowers resistance/and thats the same formula that keeps my rhyme consistent/listen!/
    I bring wisdom/ I aint dissin or pissin/ Im uplifting these kids from their own brain imprisonment/
    My Ambition/speaking to the youth hoping they listen/not to start any frictions/but to get them off their addictions/so listen/open mindedly without restriction/positive is my mission/and this aint no prediction/ ITS MY AMBITION